Cogswell and Northwest Arm Regatta

Novice Men

2x – Dylan Runte, Matthew McGreer 5:04.93

4+ – Julien Flaherty, Juan Camilo, Alex Crawford, Mike McCann, Luisa Roberts (Cox) 4:30.67

Novice Women

4+ – Jordanne Buote, Jess Flower, Cassidy McCausland, Tiffany McCausland, Tori Wight (Cox) 4:48.53

4+ – Andrea Gonzales, Katrina Braun, Melissa Fraser, Courtney Oland Lee, Matti Sapin (Cox) 5:38.26

2x – Lianne Burrell, Courtney Oland Lee 5:31.09

2x – Evelyn Brotherston, Mariana Carrera 5:25.32

Varsity Women

4+ – Rebecca Stiles, Lizzie O’Carroll, Rachel Mays, Emily Chedrawe, Tori Wight (Cox) 9:22.12

4+ – Ceilidh Milligan, Jordan Gardiner, Julia Mackey, Erin Richardson, McKenzie Kay (Cox) 9:35.78

2x – Lauren Hodgins, McKenzie Kay 11:37.05

2x – Holly Davy, Kelsey Wilkinson 10:27.06

8+ – Jordan Gardiner, Rebecca Stiles, Meggie Letman, Julia Mackey, Rachel Mays, Lizzie O’Carroll, Erin Richardson, Emily Chedrawe, Luisa Roberts (Cox) 8:51.10

4x – Meggie Letman, Lauren Hodgins, Ceilidh Milligan, Kelsey Wilkinson 10:44.04

4x – Emily Chedrawe, Holly Davy, Rachel Mays, Lizzie O’Carroll 9:13.52

Varsity Men

8+ – Matti Sapin, Brent Miller, Nick Todd, Jack Evans, Matt Jarvis, Cam Runte, Connor Booker, Jarrod Farr, Luisa Roberts (Cox) 7:15.80

4x – Connor Booker, Cam Runte, Matt Jarvis, Jarrod Farr 8:04.23

2x – Nick Todd, Brent Miller 9:30.60

2x – Matti Sapin, Douglas Morum 9:31.56

4+ – Matt Jarvis, Jack Evans, Connor Booker, Jarrod Farr, Tori Wight (cox) 8:45.81



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