Head of the Four Bridges

Head of the Four Bridges (Fredericton, NB, Sept. 20/14)

Fredericton Results

19 boats in flight 1
31 boats in flight 2

University Varsity Men (2 km)

Bronze: M4+ Jarrod Farr, Connor Booker, Jack Evans, Matt Jarvis, Victoria Wight (cox) GMS:69.48 (3 out of 19)

U23 M2x Brent Miller, Matti Sapin GMS: 67.47 (9 out of 19)

U23 M4x Rob Schermbruker, Cameron Runte, Nicholas Todd, Douglas Morum GMS: 61.27 (15 out of 19)

SM8+ Jarrod Farr, Connor Booker, Cameron Runte, Matt Jarvis, Jack Evans, Nicholas Todd, Brent Miller, Matti Sapin, Lusia Roberts (Cox) GMS: 68.02 (14 out of 31)

U23 LM2x Rob Schermbruker, Douglas Morum GMS: 64.23 (26 out of 31)

University Varsity Women (2 km)

Bronze: U23 W8+ Emily Chedrawe, Erin Richardson, Lizzie O’Carrol, Rachel Mays, Julia Mackey, Holly Davy, Kelsey Wilkinson, Jordan Gardiner, Luisa Roberts (Cox). GMS: 67.07 (10 out of 19)

W2x Ceilidh Milligan, McKenzie Kay GMS: 50.76 (19 out of 19)

W4x Kelsey Wilkinson, Ceilidh Milligan, Lauren Hodgins, Holly Davy GMS: 62.88 (29 out of 31)

W2x Lizzie O’Carroll, Emily Chedrawe GMS: 69.54 (11 out of 31)


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