Really Chili Regatta

Senior Women’s 2-: GOLD – Kaila Lawton, Emily Chedrawe (4:42.66)
2nd place – Erin Richardson, Michaela Stephen (4:56.29)

Senior Men’s 2-: GOLD – Niko MacLellan, Connor Booker (4:02.18)

Senior Women’s 4+: GOLD – Luisa Roberts (cox), Erin Richardson, Rachel Mays, Kaila Lawton, Kathleen Logie (5:09.45)
2nd place – Tori Wight (cox), Sam McMullin, Jackie van Oosten, Kelsey Wilkinson, Meggie Letman (5:19.98)

Novice Men’s 2x: GOLD – Mac Baillie, Cam Runte (4:18.75)

Senior Lightweight Men’s 4+: GOLD Luisa Roberts (cox), Jordan Worona, Kevin Lacaille, Cam Runte, Matti Sapin (3:44.09)

Senior Women’s 8+: GOLD – Meggie Letman (cox), Emily Chedrawe, Kathleen Logie, Alex Stafford, Rachel Mays, Kaila Lawton, Julia Mackey, Sam McMullin, Jordan Gardiner (3:48.62)

Senior Men’s 4x: 2nd place – Niko MacLellan, Jordan Worona, Kevin Lacaille, Connor Booker (3:38.14)

Senior Lightweight Men’s 2x: 3rd place – Jordan Worona, Kevin Lacaille (4:03.08)

Senior Men’s 8+: 3rd place – Jackie van Oosten (cox), Niko MacLellan, Connor Booker, Mac Baillie, Kevin Lacaille, Jonah Gould, Coleman Somers, Jordan Worona, Matti Sapin (3:20.07)

Full Results

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