Varsity, JV and Development Programs

2021 CURC’s Team
  1. Varsity
  2. Junior Varsity (JV)
  3. Development


Check out our 2022 Varsity Season Summary Document for all information regarding the upcoming season!

The Varsity Program is for highly competitive athletes who are interested in training and racing for Dalhousie at local, provincial, and national regattas. The varsity program has up to 8 practices a week. These practices are mandatory.

As per the 2022-2023 Selection Document, athletes meeting the Varsity erg standards will automatically be given the opportunity to compete for a CURC’s or AURC’s top level boat.

Dalhousie Club Rowers who have already paid a membership fee for Mic Mac Rowing  (Novice, Recreational/Fitness, or Competitive) program can transfer directly to the University Rowing Program with a small additional membership fee to the Dalhousie Rowing Club.

The following link lists the regattas we normally compete in.

Eligibility: Athletes must be full-time students at Dalhousie or King’s, meaning they are enrolled in 3 classes per semester.

Junior Varsity (JV)

The Junior Varsity program is for athletes looking for a competitive environment who may not be at the same experience level as athletes selected for the Varsity Program.

Athletes who have met the JV erg standards will still have the opportunity to compete at local regattas, and will be considered for seat racing should they display good boat moving abilities. This will be determined by on water assessments as well as their competency in the daily training environment as determined by coaches.


The Development Program is intended for novice or otherwise inexperienced athletes who are interested in training and improving on water skills. This program is suitable for athletes coming out of various Learn-To-Row sessions, or who have previous experience but have stepped away from the sport for some time.

Athletes meeting the Development erg standard as outlined in the selection document will not be considered for CURC or top level AURC boats unless they are able to meet the Varsity or JV standards prior to selection and have displayed good boat moving abilities as outlines in the JV program criteria.

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